A home invasion uncovers a conspiracy that threatens to overthrow a nationwide criminal enterprise.


For Marco Salazar, it was supposed to be a routine home invasion. Except, as he learned, there’s no such thing. With the help of his longtime friend, Antonio Esposito – the soft-spoken wingman – and his pizzeria-owning uncle, Amelio “Big Sal”, Marco’s journey for righteousness for his falsely imprisoned father, Bartolo, leads them through the suburbs of Boston. A string of home invasions leaves the trio just shy of having the money needed for Bartolo’s defense attorney’s retainer, and they’ve saved their prime target for last. But even the target – a 1941 Victorian in a quiet neighborhood in Stoneham – has secrets trapped deep within its walls, and unlocking them might unravel a whole new world that has its own set of rules. And the players who loom in the shadows are ruthless, with its net stretching even wider than anyone could imagine. Nobody can be trusted.


And that’s only the beginning.


What the secrets may reveal could tear down an underground criminal enterprise, and it threatens to destroy everything that Marco has worked for. Families will be torn apart, bonds will be broken, and faith in one another will be put into question. All the while, the clock is ticking on Bartolo. And if Marco somehow makes it out alive, his life will be changed forever.

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