A 2017 Novel Writing Festival Thriller of the Year

A heist goes bad when greed, a love triangle, and ulterior motives take over.

Billy is a local cop, the son of a former Sheriff who was gunned down in cold blood. Billy has made it his mission to find out why. Joining forces with Alicia—a mysterious, benevolent, and beautiful Cuban immigrant—and his well-meaning but mentally unstable brother, they seek vengeance and fortune.

George is recruited against his will and forced to help the trio with the promise of the life he's always wanted on the other side. But when Alicia tears he and Billy into a boiling love triangle, real motivations are exposed.

With tensions mounting and the danger intensifying, the group must decide what's more important: money, family, or love. The problem is, each one of them has a different answer. And not everyone is guaranteed to make it out alive.

Who will? Or worse, who won't?

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