In the finale of the "That Was Before" series, Randolph Spiers and Sheila Backe team up with redemption, forgiveness, and the possibility of second chances at stake.


With INTERPOL investigator Gary O’Reilly on their heels as part of an unlikely trio of misfits, Randolph must put everything he thought he knew aside and put faith in the one person he’d been led to believe he shouldn’t. As Sheila’s true identity and motivations come into focus, Randolph grows to understand her at a level he didn’t know possible and must decide if she’s worth fighting for. And as the truth about everything and everyone around them comes to light, trusting Sheila’s not the most challenging obstacle he faces—survival is, for themselves and others.


Meanwhile, old wounds continue to be torn open from all sides, and the people they want to forget never seem to be far enough away—and never closer.


New beginnings await on the other side. But getting there might be the most difficult journey of all.

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